YouTube Threats Such Directed at Dhaved Kapel

Such are pictures of threats and arrogance about the hacking of my website and facebook pages and others invasion tactics authorized by President Barack Obama. Their actions are condoned by Federal Judge Richard Story. This is a governmental conspiracy to conceal revelations that would benefit Black people and free them from bondage. I have been under 24 hour surveillance for over one year without any assistance from our courts. In fact, President Barack Obama gave money to Federal Judge Richard Story to deny myself, Dhaved Kapel, justice. This in itself is treason. So, let these pictures along with all of the evidence attained by the invasion of my personal space by the United States Government prove the truth about the REAL POPULATION NUMBERS AND OTHER MONUMENTAL REVELATIONS THAT ARE IN MY BOOKS. Case Number 1:14-CV-3938.

Also, the pictures that are turned sideways are evidence of the hacking of my website by the United States Government and again, authorized by President Barack Obama.

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