Their Cunning Ways!

They imitated my cousin Sandy with another female to disconnect our expanding, supporting and beneficial growth; this was done to break down the family union. And eventually had her fired from her job in order to oppress her from bonding closer to me.

They follow me everywhere I go in order to disrupt my life; using a variety of ethnicities to disguise their intent to invade the space of the King and High Priest.

The disrespect my name.

They hire females to try and entrap me sexually.

They conspired with Associated Credit Union to repossess my truck for being behind in payments one day.

They intervened in resolving my bank fraud issues, resulting in a lawsuit.

They intervened in resolving my insurance claims.

They created fraud with my bank accounts.

They contact hotels and lie on me in order to disrupt my life.

They are a jealous, evil and vindictive race.

They are aliens from Jupiter.

They despise the race of color.

They search for devious ways to lie on me and defame my honorable character.

They followed me into a movie with hired help to create noise and disturb my peace.

They hack businesses computer systems and change the temperature to a freezing temperature to disrupt my writing.

They track my whereabouts through a second modem on my cell phone.

They hire males to sit nearby to intimidate myself, Dhaved Kapel.

They purchased the storage facility where I store my things, and then increased my rate along with a penalty for being past due; this occurred because my automatic payments were halted due to hacking of my bank account.

They illegally broke into my storage unit and stole valuable things.

They changed the name of the street in front of the courthouse to Ted Turner Drive to give the judge an alibi for not receiving my certified mail receipt.

They put nails in my tires when I had my truck.

They illegally broke into my hotel room multiple times and stolen things out.

They hacked my banks accounts and stolen my money.

They hacked my email, text messages, and cell phone.

They retaliated and had me arrested.

They poisoned my food in jail.

They attempted to give me a TB shot numerous times which is poison.

They tell lies that I am a terrorist.

They hire Asians to spy on me when I go to McDonald’s.

They hire Spanish to spy on me.

They hired a former barber to attempt to sell me cocaine in order to have me arrested.

They assassinate my character without cause.

They targeted my sister with an automobile accident that was a hit and run.

They targeted my cousin and had her fired from her job because she supported me.

They rammed me in the back of my truck multiple times to assassinate me.

They poisoned the food I purchased at stores in order to assassinate myself, Dhaved Kapel.

They had police officers steal personal items of mine including a diamond ring.

They have police officers follow me wherever I go, in an act of intimidation.

They invade the privacy of my family.

They create conferences to travel in different cities for the illusion of a large population.

Their population numbers are only 144,000 worldwide and only 90,000 in America.

Note: The Government buying businesses is not in compliance with the law and shows ineptitude of the politicians which is reason for prosecution and falls under treason and voter disregard as for as informing the voting electorate about the use of their taxes for such use and thereby creates monopolies that puts citizens at risk of unfair practices with all businesses; and places them at a disadvantage along with impoverishment in all of their business exchanges.

The Lottery is Rigged!

“The lottery is cast into the (hands) of Caucasian Persuasion; but the whole (exposing) thereof is of the LORD.” – Proverbs 16:33 (KJV) – Dhaved Kapel.


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