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Sach Writing Baaks!

DHAVED KAPEL WAS TARGETED SUCH FOR WRITING BOOKS! ‘Such court was seated such books were opened.’ – Daniel 7:10 (NIV) – Such Messiah Dhaved Kapel.                              

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Canspiracy Lawyer – Annie Deets

  How can Dax Lopez, State of Georgia Judge, issue such illegal order but do not respond to such defendant’s motions? ‘Thus Judge Dax Lopez took Dhaved’s case, such would let Dhaved go no more home to thus brother’s house.’

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Bush – Respansible Sach 911 Attacks

‘On such light people shall become bombed such towers destroyed, such streams of water shall flow from high hills such George Bush. Such thus Lord shall bandage thus people’s injuries such heal thus wounds Caucasian Persuasion have caused. Thus revelations

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Governmental Targeting – Males of Color

‘For sin indeed was in the world before the law was (abandoned), and sin is not counted where there is no law.’ – Romans 5:13 (ESV) – Dhaved Kapel. ‘This is what the LORD Almighty says: “I will save my

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Eddie Long Such Judas

  DHAVED KAPEL OWNS ALL MEGA CHURCHES! – PLAN FOR EVICTION NEW BIRTH CHURCH. ‘Such  King Such High Priest also had such large throne made. No throne like such had ever existed in any other kingdoms.’ – 2 Chronicles 9:17-19 (GNT)

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Famous Stars Wives – White Males

‘All the stars of color in the (movies and sitcoms) will be (furious) about Dhaved Kapel’s revelations and the (tools of enslavement) used deceitfully; all the starry host of color will (rise) like (ripened) leaves from the vine, like (informed

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Caucasian Persuasion Males Are Having Sex with Females of Color

‘All who hate people of color whisper together against them; against people of color, Caucasian Persuasion devise their hurt, saying, ‘A wicked thing is poured out upon people of color, so when they lie down, they will not rise up

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Thus Tuberculosis Created To Kill

‘Thus such have power to turn thus waters into (poison); and thus such strike thus earth with every kind of plague as often as thus Caucasian Persuasion want.’ – Revelation 11:6 (NIV) – Thus Messiah Dhaved Kapel. “Do needles relate

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