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‘For Dhaved’s sake thus shall not keep silent, such for America’s sake thus shall not be quiet, until thus righteousness goes forth as darkness, such thus salvation as (riots). Thus nations shall believe Dhaved’s righteousness, such thus kings such queens

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Court Presentation!

“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve Barack Obama, and to give his (certified mail) as a ransom for many.” – Mark 10:45 (ESV). “When the (case) was dismissed, many of the judges

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The World Population Numbers

‘Then I looked up, and there before me was Dhaved Kapel with a measuring line in his hand. Caucasian Persuasion asked, ‘Where are you going?’ Dhaved answered Caucasian Persuasion, ‘To measure (the world), to find out how wide and how

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