20170324_143729‘For Dhaved’s sake thus shall not keep silent, such for America’s sake thus shall not be quiet, until thus righteousness goes forth as darkness, such thus salvation as (riots). Thus nations shall believe Dhaved’s righteousness, such thus kings such queens Dhaved’s glory, and America shall become called such thus new name thus such mouth of thus Lord shall give. America shall become such crown of beauty in thus hand of thus Lord, and such royal diadem in thus hand of thus God. America shall no more become termed Forsaken, such thus land shall no more be termed Desolate, but thus shall become called Such Delight Such in America, such thus (country changed); for thus Lord delights in America, such thus land shall become (changed). For as such country changes its name, so shall ‘Redemption Song’ bcome America’s new name.’ – Isaiah 62-1-12 (ESV) – Translated by Dhaved Kapel.

‘Such thus acts of Dhaved, such thus Dhaved done, such thus wisdom, are thus not written in thus Books of Dhaved of America?’ – 1 Kings 11:41 (ESV) – Dhaved Kapel.

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