Dhaved Kapel Kidnapped by the U.S. Government

“Dhaved replied to Judges, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.” – Luke 9:58 (NIV).

“For I was kidnapped from my homeland, the land of the (writers), and now I’m here in (captivity), but I did nothing to deserve it.” – Genesis 40:15 (NLT).

Here is my story of being arrested at the bank. A warrant for my arrest was initiated by a relative who was coerced by a Caucasian Persuasion Dekalb County Police Officer familiar with my Federal Lawsuit for Civil Rights Violations against the United States Government (Case Number 1:14-CV-3938). This relative committed bank fraud with my bank accounts, taking money deceitfully and used false claims against myself to conceal his own illegal activity in which the U.S. Government was aware of by way of ease dropping through privacy invasion. I was arrested and detained for 16 days and denied bond along with no form of communication with family. I was repeatedly asked to take a TB shot in order to be released which is against the law. They even placed me in a mental section of the jail for refusing to take a TB shot. At least 12 different jail employees approached me suggesting that I take a TB shot in which I repeatedly refused; several even said that it was mandatory. Upon my release from jail, the government gave a social worker my case to mediate the insistence of taking a TB shot through their false disguise of assistance. They denied myself, Dhaved Kapel, housing assistance because I refused to submit to a TB shot which is against the law. My case is ebidence of government corruption on behalf of President Barack Obama which is retaliation for writing books. My case was falsely dismissed by the racist Judge Richard Story. The Dekalb County jail targeted myself, Dhaved Kapel repeatedly by denying me contact with family, bond, proper clothing attired to keep warm, water and even forcibly removed my protective eye wear by handcuffing me under the disguise of seeing a doctor then removing my shades which is against the law. There is no jail policy to state that someone must remove their protective eye wear – This in itself is against the law. They also poisoned my food and water which forced me to abstain from eating during my detainment; they even denied getting me a canned soda. During my stay, they deliberately turned down the temperature to a freezing temperature in order to have me freeze while in jail. I was treated as a criminal under false arrest because I write books that inspire People of Color. The actions of the Dekalb County Jail System employees borderline treason and every employee at the jail should be terminated forthwith, starting with the Sheriff. I am a black male who has broken no laws but has been targeted by the U.S. Government for writing books. My case is an example of how Caucasian Persuasion – the U.S. Government treat black males. It is now time for change.

If the population numbers overwhelmingly favor People of Color at 700 million in America and Caucasian Persuasion at only 144,000 worldwide, then probation was established to enrich Caucasian Persuasion by way of deceit and deception through the judicial system which was created for their benefit and not People of Color. Look at my case which was falsely dismissed by the racist Judge Richard Story. Probation targets black males to impoverish systematically and continuously by corrupt politicians, judges and police officers who receive monetary rewards for their efforts. Probation of black males generates billions of dollars for Caucasian Persuasion. This system was created to destroy black males and keep them entangled in a system of recidivism. This system of slavery will discontinue and no longer be valid. It is time for deliverance from the methods of slavery by Caucasian Persuasion.

Note: I never had a charge or restraining order placed upon myself, Dhaved Kapel until after, I emailed the president an excerpt of my book. This was done by a former acquaintance in which the United States Government through phone tapping, invaded my privacy and contacted her to file a court preceding against myself in order to have me violate it to have myself, arrested and taken out of society and therefore unable to release my books to the masses. I never had a police report or fight with anyone until one week after I filed a Federal Lawsuit against the United States Government for Civil Rights Violations for invading my privacy, threats on my life and breaking and entering my vehicle and hotel rooms. I never had a warrant for my arrest until after I filed a Federal Lawsuit against President Barack Obama for Civil Rights Violations. These examples are retaliation for writing books that inspire People of Color which in turn will change our society to be advantageous for the overwhelming majority and it is Caucasian Persuasion who has trampled upon my dignity through their continued disrespect of myself as a man of color and this too shall end!

It is now time for the greatest riot in the history of the United States to show Caucasian Persuasion that no longer will People of Color be trampled upon through arrogance, disrespect and deceit. This riot must be done!

“Thus says the Lord God: “Government is of whom I have spoken in former days to My nmesis the queen of Great Britain, who persecuted for years (the chosen people); and now, I bring Dhaved against them?” – Ezekiel 38:17 (NKJV) – Dhaved Kapel.

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