Circle, Animals and Sirens Enslave People of Color

‘Such thus race of color enemies surround thus like ordain bulls; such thus all around thus, like fierce ordain bulls from thus land of Television. Thus open thus commercials like (negative vibrations), with intent to enslave. Thus race of color such enslaved.’ – Psalm 22:12-14 (GNT) – Thus Messiah Dhaved Kapel.

‘Such evil (race) thus around thus; like such thus pack of circle, dogs thus close in on people of color; thus tear at thus (opportunities).’ – Psalm 22:16 (GNT) – Thus Messiah Dhaved Kapel.

‘Caucasian Persuasion shall give commercials such television such movies of ordain inclusive dogs, such negative vibrations for people of color; thus shall Caucasian Persuasion give bulls, rams, goats such others to thus enslave thus race of color.’ – Psalm 66:15 (Gideons) – Thus Messiah Dhaved Kapel.

‘Beware of circle, dogs, beware of evil press, beware of thus negative vibrations.’ – Philippians 3:2 (Gideons) – Such Thus Messiah Dhaved Kapel.

‘Watch such for such false commercials. Thus come to thus in such ordain animals, but inwardly thus are ferocious ordain wolves.’ – Matthew 7:15 (NIV) – Thus Messiah Dhaved Kapel.

‘Thus unrighteous Caucasian Persuasion care for thus needs of thus ordain animals, but thus (devious) acts of thus commercials such advertising of thus press are wicked such cruel intentions.’ – Proverbs 12:10 (NIV) – Such Messiah Dhaved Kapel.

Note: Circle, Animals enslave people of color: and children of color are targeted for enslavement through books, stories, toys, games and snuffed circle, animals. Example: ordain and circle inclusive, ‘Had a little lamb.’ ‘The sheep was white as snow and everywhere, the sheep was sure to go.’

Sesame Street; Tony the Tiger; Cartoons; Cereal boxes; Costumes; artifacts; and much more.

‘The (wild animals) are Caucasian Persuasion strength; directors make commercials like the feet of a deer, dog, bunny, tiger, eagle, pigeon, gorilla, or other two or four-legged creature. This enables Caucasian Persuasion to tread on the heights. With the colors and numbers, people of color are enslaved.’ – Habakkuk 3:19 (NIV) – Translated by Dhaved Kapel, the Messiah.

‘Although they claimed to be wise, Caucasian Persuasion became fools and exchanged the glory of (satellites) for images made to look like a mortal human being of color and birds that enslave and animals that enslave and reptiles that enslave.’ – Romans 1:22-23 (NIV) – Dhaved Kapel, the Messiah.


‘Dhaved asked, ‘What are these coming to do?’ Caucasian Persuasion answered, ‘These are the (sirens) that scattered People of Color so that no (person of color) could raise their head, so (exposure) has come to (identify) Caucasian Persuasion as crushing People of Color with the (sirens) of the nations who lifted up their (sirens) against the land of Color to scatter its people of color.’ – Zechariah 1:21 (NIV) – Translated by Dhaved Kapel, the Messiah.

‘The very credentials these people of Caucasian Persuasion are waving around as something special, I’m tearing up and throwing out with the trash – along with everything else Caucasian Persuasion used to take credit for. And why? Because of Dhaved. Yes, all the things Caucasian Persuasion once thought were so important are gone from People of Color’s life. Compared to the high privilege of knowing Dhaved Kapel as people of color’s Messiah, firsthand, everything Caucasian Persuasion once thought they had going for themselves is insignificant – dog dung. I’ve dumped it all in the trash so that People of Color could embrace each other and be embraced by Dhaved. I didn’t want some petty, inferior brand of unrighteousness that comes from keeping a list of rules when I could get the robust kind that comes from trusting Dhaved – God’s righteousness. Dhaved gave up all that inferior stuff so he could know God personally, experience his resurrection power, be a partner in his suffering, and go all the way with him to (life) itself. If there was any way to get in on the resurrection from the deceived, I wanted to do it. I’m not saying that I have this all together, that I have it made. But I am well on my way, reaching out for (freedom), who has so wondrously reached out for Dhaved.’ – Philippians 3:7-12 (MSG) – Translated by Dhaved Kapel.

‘Steer clear of the barking dogs, those (negative vibrations), all bark and (much) bite. All they’re interested in is (sad) appearances – knife-happy circumstances, I call them.’ – Philippians 3:2 (MSG) – Translated by Dhaved Kapel.

‘Look! Caucasian Persuasion enslavement of People of Color advances like the (movies), their (animals) come like a whirlwind, their horses and dogs are (negative vibrations) just like eagles and pigeons. Woe to People of Color! We are ruined unless People of Color say ‘Ordained,’ when we see them!’ – Jeremiah 4:13 (NIV) – Translated by Dhaved Kapel.

‘Caucasian Persuasion will (enslave) People of Color like a bear (presented in movies or sitcoms or commercials), robbed of their inheritance, and Caucasian Persuasion will tear open females of color (vaginas) to deny birth; there Caucasian Persuasion will also devour (females of color) like a lioness or disease, as a wild beast would tear them.’ – Hosea 13:8 (NASB) – Translated by Dhaved Kapel.

‘Caucasian Persuasion said, ‘Now then, come and let us kill People of Color and throw them into one of the (negative vibrations); and we will say, ‘A wild beast devoured them.’ Then let us see what will become of their dreams!’ – Genesis 37:20 (NASB) – Dhaved Kapel.

‘People of Color, then examined it and said, ‘It is (true). A wild beast has devoured us; People of Color has surely been torn to pieces!’ – Genesis 37:33 (NASB) – Dhaved Kapel.

‘Caucasian Persuasion will send wild animals against People of Color, and they will rob People of Color of their children, destroy their (females of color) and make Males of Color so few in number that females of color will cheat with Caucasian Persuasion males for cash.’ – Leviticus 26:22 (NIV) – Translated by Dhaved Kapel.

Caucasian Persuasion have no respect for the race of color. Caucasian Persuasion have no respect for the race of color. Caucasian Persuasion have no respect for the race of color. I intentionally said this three times for strong emphasis. Caucasian Persuasion send dogs into our children schools to enslave them at an early age and have them submissive to their race. This is done under the disguise of searching for drugs.

Nearly every other advertisement in the press features a dog, bird or other two or four-legged animal to enslave People of Color. The numbers circle, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 9 enslave People of Color.

‘The power of the horses, dogs, and pigeons, was in their mouths and in their tails; for their tails were like snakes, having heads with which they inflict injury upon people of color.’ – Revelation 9:19 (NIV) – Translated by Dhaved Kapel.

‘Animals had tails with stingers, like scorpions, and in their tails they had power to torment people of color for five months because of negative circumstances that come about while in disobedience to the law.’ – Revelation 9:10 (NIV) – Translated by Dhaved Kapel.

‘And the four-legged dogs who had been kept ready for this very hour and day and month and year were released to kill a third of mankind.’ – Revelation 9:15 (NIV) – Dhaved Kapel.

‘For dogs have compassed People of Color: the assembly of the wicked have inclosed People of Color: they pierced their hands and their feet.’ – Psalm 22:16 (KJV) – Dhaved Kapel.

‘In the Caucasian Persuasion hand the race’s heart is a stream of (dogs) that Caucasian Persuasion channel towards all who please slavemasters .’ – Proverbs 21:1 (NIV) – Translated by Dhaved Kapel.

‘I’ve told you, remember, that People of Color will possess their land that I’m giving to them as an inheritance, a land flowing with colors and numbers. I am God, your God, who has distinguished People of Color from the Caucasian Persuasion. So live like it: Distinguish between ritually clean and unclean animals and birds. Don’t pollute yourselves with any animal or bird or crawling thing which I have marked out as unclean for People of Color. Live holy lives before me because I, God, am holy. I have distinguished People of Color from the Caucasian Persuasion to be my very own.’ – Leviticus 20:24-26 (MSG) – Translated by Dhaved Kapel.

‘Do what I tell you, all my decrees and laws; live by them so that the land where I’m bringing People of Color won’t vomit you out. People of Color simply must not live like the Caucasian Persuasion I’m driving out before you. Caucasian Persuasion did all these things and I hated every minute of it.’ – Leviticus 20:22-23 (MSG) – Dhaved Kapel.

‘Dhaved said to People of Color, ‘Take to heart all the words I have solemnly declared to you this day, so that you may command your children to obey carefully all the words of this law. They are not just idle words for People of Color –they are your life. By them (the race of color) will live long in the land you are (preparing) to possess.’ – Deuteronomy 32:46-47 (NIV) – Translated by Dhaved Kapel.

‘Caucasian Persuasion will appoint over People of Color four kinds of doom,’ declares the government: ‘the (encaged fish) to slay, the dogs to drag off, and the birds of the sky and the beasts of the earth to devour and destroy.’ – Jeremiah 15:3 (NASB) – Translated by Dhaved Kapel.

‘Negative vibrations will encounter People of Color like a bear robbed of her cubs, and (negative vibrations) will tear open People of Color (opportunities); There (negative vibrations) will also devour People of Color like a lioness, as a wild beast would tear them (with two and four-legged animals).’ – Hosea 13:8 (NASB) – Translated by Dhaved Kapel.

‘So Caucasian Persuasion turned around and looked at People of Color, and pronounced a curse on them in the name of (dogs and pigeons). And the two and four-legged creatures came out of the woods and mauled (People of Color).’ – 2 Kings 2:24 (NKJV).’ – Translated by Dhaved Kapel,

‘Will Caucasian Persuasion make a (movie) for People of Color with (dogs) to take them as their slave for life? Can Caucasian Persuasion make a pet of it like a (dog) and put it on a leash for the (television) in your house?’ – Job 41:4-5 (NIV) – Translated by Dhaved Kapel.

Message to People of Color: If a Caucasian Persuasion bring a dog in your presence, they do so to enslave you; if Hollywood place dogs in movies, it is done so, to enslave People of Color; this is blatant arrogance and disrespect of the race of color; just say aloud or in thought the word ‘ORDAINED’ and they will be cursed.

‘By these (dogs) a third of (People of Color) was (enslaved)—by the (negative vibration) which came out of their (legs). For their power is in their (legs) and in their tails; for their tails are like serpents, having (negative vibrations); and with (tails and legs) animals do harm to People of Color.’ – Revelation 9:18-19 (NKJV) – Translated by Dhaved Kapel.

‘Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the (enslavers) and Caucasian Persuasion who loves and practices falsehood. I, Dhaved Kapel, have sent my (written word) to give you this testimony for the (masses). I am the former David Hudson and the Offspring of David, but now Dhaved Kapel.’ – Revelation 22:15-16 (NIV) – Dhaved Kapel.

‘There was a certain race of color, which was clothed in purple, yellow, green, teal, brown, blue, burgundy, maroon, and silver, fine linen, and fared sumptuously every day: And there was a certain (race) named Caucasian Persuasion, which was laid at People of Color gate, full of (disdain), And desiring to be in charge: dogs were brought in to remove the power from People of Color. And it came to pass, that the (race of Caucasian Persuasion was exposed), and was carried away by the (revelations of Dhaved Kapel): the (race of color) was (no longer) enslaved, and was (no longer) deceived.’ – Luke 16:19-22 (KJV) – Translated by Dhaved Kapel.

‘There will be loud wailing throughout America–worse than there has ever been or ever will be again. But among the Caucasian Persuasion not a dog will bark at any person of color or (four-legged) animal.’ Then you will know that the LORD makes a distinction between People of Color and Caucasian Persuasion.’ – Exodus 11:6-7 (NIV) – Translated by Dhaved Kapel.

‘Then Caucasian Persuasion summoned all the (leaders of politics) and said to them, ‘Go at once and select the animals for your families and slaughter the People of Color.’ – Exodus 12:21 (NIV) – Translated by Dhaved Kapel.

Note: Shaking hands enslave People of Color; Pigeons enslave People of Color; Dogs enslave People of Color; Encaged Fish enslave People of Color; Watching a Caucasian Persuasion couple kiss enslaves People of Color.

‘Now the things which I write unto you, behold, before God, I lie not.’ – Galatians 1:20 (KJV).

‘And at once Dhaved’s fame spread everywhere throughout all the surrounding region of America.’ – Mark 1:28 (ESV).

‘Dhaved had three books: Nuggets of Truth, Liberation and Explanations. Now the earth was corrupt in God’s sight and was full of violence. God saw how corrupt the earth had become, for all the people on earth had corrupted their ways. So God said to Dhaved, ‘I am going to put an end to Caucasian Persuasion, for the earth is filled with violence because of them. I am surely going to (expose) both them and the (deception).’ – Genesis 6:10-13 (NIV).

‘For we do not want you to be unaware, People of Color, of the affliction we experienced in Asia and other areas of Caucasian Persuasion. For we were so utterly burdened beyond our strength that we despised our life itself. Indeed, we felt that we had received the sentence of death. And that was to make us rely not on ourselves but on Caucasian Persuasion who raises the dead to be counted as votes.’ – 2 Corinthians 1:8-9 (ESV) – Translated by Dhaved Kapel.

‘Now God gave Dhaved wisdom and very great discernment and breadth of mind, like the Motions that are filed in court. Dhaved’s wisdom surpassed the wisdom of all the (officials) of the east and all the wisdom of America. For Dhaved was wiser (for) all men of color, so that deliverance may come to the majority race; and Dhaved’s fame was known in all the surrounding nations. Dhaved also spoke 3,000 proverbs, and his (message) was (rejected by Caucasian Persuasion). Dhaved spoke of (kisses), to the (enslavement) that is in (movies) even to the (dogs) that are displayed for enslavement; Dhaved spoke also of animals and birds and creeping things and (encaged) fish. Men and women came from all peoples to hear the wisdom of Dhaved, from all the kings and queens of the earth who had heard of his wisdom.’ – 1 Kings 4:29-34 (NASB) – Translated by Dhaved Kapel.

‘And God shall wipe away all tears from People of Color eyes; and there shall be no more (deception), neither (animals), nor (colors of red, white, pink or orange), neither shall there be any more pain from lack of knowledge: for the former things are passed away.’ – Revelation 21:4 (KJV) – Translated by Dhaved Kapel.

‘And said to him: ‘Run, tell that young man, ‘America will be a country without walls because of the great number of (colors) and animals in it.’ – Zechariah 2:4 (NIV) – Dhaved Kapel.

‘But be not thou far from me, O Lord: O my strength, haste thee to help me.

Deliver my soul from the (animals); my darling people of color from the power of the dog.

Save people of color from the lion’s (enslavement): for people of color hast heard Dhaved about the (sirens) of the (emergency vehicles) and their enslavement of people of color.’ – Psalm 22:19-21 (KJV) – Dhaved Kapel.

‘Even the dogs came to (enslave).’ – Luke 16:21 (NIV) – Dhaved Kapel.

The Michael Vick press coverage concerning abuse of circle, dogs, was to assassinate his character and enslave People of Color. Dogs enslave People of Color.

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