Affirmations & Quotes

All Affirmations and Quotes are original works of Dhaved Kapel unless specified by quotation marks or name.

Energy is wasted when we focus on the negative.  We are simply imprisoning ourselves.

Public Ministers are keeping the masses away from the truth.  They are puppets for the forces of darkness and are committing acts of abomination against God through public worship.  We must banish public worship and begin the process of establishing our personal relationship and union with God.  And we do this when we practice meditation and read.  Our relationship with God is personal and not public.  It is like going to the bathroom; personal.

To bring something different into our life we cannot continue to do the same things.  We must be willing to do something new and thereby we attract wonderful opportunities in our life.

It is a lack of understanding coupled with conformity that imprison us this day.  We must be willing to do things differently, if we want our lives to change.

It is a trap put forth by those who desire for our continued imprisonment.  To continually reflect on the past is to self-inflict and stunt ones growth, thereby delaying the experience of living in the now.

To the fallen, broken and hurting; let the flood (rain and snow) be a sign of hope.  The ark has been lifted above the earth and so shall you.  Let these words comfort every soul; your cries have not gone unheard.  The wrath of the wicked that has snared billions for centuries will be replaced by the light of truth.  His messenger is not here to judge but uplift, restore and heal.  Let your eyes and ears be your guide.  Let humility and submission give you access to receive and explore the new heaven on earth.  To God be the glory.

Life gives you the conception you have of yourself.  Change the conception and life will kindly respond.  Oftentimes, we lose sight of the power of our thoughts and words and fail to realize that creation begins with them.  To create a beautiful life we must be mindful of the choice of words we use and the thoughts we entertain.

Marriage is honorable but to hyphenate a last name is to dishonor this divine institution.  “They shall be one flesh,” – Genesis 2:24.  The woman is to take the last name of her husband, not inclusive with her last name.  There is no reason to complicate this process by making two names of what should be one.  Those who subscribe to this ungodly act, invite disharmony into their marriage and surrounding affairs.

We are not confined to express ourselves emotionally, however, we are measured by the thoughts and words we entertain.  The directional compass in our life is our emotions.  We should always allow our feelings to lead the way.  It is okay to be moved emotionally and still maintain balance.  It is okay to be expressive and reflect our individual nature.  As long as our thoughts are elevated and we are mindful of our thoughts and words, we can respond according to how we are led emotionally.

Sometimes what we term as bitter is the process of purification.  And what we call “Truth,” may be uncomfortable at first, but upon shedding the skin of deceit and detachment from our ego, we shall see there is no better Light.

If we are seeking financial independence, perfect health, happiness and harmony in our life, without first starting from within, we are chasing ghosts that are never to be found.

Light shines the brightest from a place of darkness, so for those swimming against the currents of life, be not dismayed, a shift to constructive and positive thinking will gradually turn your life in the right direction.

Time is a revealer of the world we live in thought and the circumstances of our life correspond accordingly.  There is no hiding from the accumulation of the thoughts we entertain; and our current health, finances, and overall harmony reflects this truth.

To adopt the concept that one must seek assistance and approval of “angel investors,” for advancing your desire to establish a business is to live according the man’s earthly and distorted view that creation starts outside, inward.  In truth, there is no need for “angel investors,” when we live in accordance to God’s guidance system.  Our path is already predestined and success is guaranteed when we embrace love and reject fear.

May the chirping of birds be your sign that morning has come; and this new day shall also be a sign that yesterday is gone and the life we desire is being created; now.

Upon awakening each day, let us give thanks and proceed throughout the day being mindful of our thoughts and words, associations and the energy we create by such.  For it is this day, this very moment that our life matters most.  Let us make use of this important time because this time is all we have.

For decades or more, poetry has been reduced to a sidebar in the world of literature because of its power of connecting with one’s soul.  The powers of darkness realize this truth and have deliberately devalued its importance and reduced its lifespan in our society.  But fret not my loved ones, poetry along with many other soulful ways of self-expression, creativity and businesses founded in love are on the brink of establishing a long lasting foundation in our society and world.

Others failure to see the big picture, the divine plan is not our concern; however, time has a way of dislodging the slightest obstruction from the vision of those who cannot see.

Let us be mindful and fully grasp the importance of our power to create.  The language we use; the words we speak and the thoughts we think are powerful forms of creation that many fail to see its significance and connection.  What we entertain and give our attention is what is reflected back into our physical experience.  If we are conscious of what we give attention, we can then gradually begin to create and shift the direction of our lives to something more beautiful.

May the candle you light this year, lead you to the discovery of the power that lies within you and how the union of the two makes life more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

If we simply said “Thank you” after every transaction, we would gradually begin to shift circumstances in our favor.

Let us start this new year with a diet of good thoughts and good word-usage. Knowing that our thoughts and words, create our life; let’s start creating beauty with how we think and speak.

A barrage of gratitude goes something like this: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

We can scream, shout, tweet, facebook and make public all day long our relationship with God but there is no reward for doing so.  Our relationship with God is personal, not public and it is incumbent upon us all to disentangle ourselves from this false belief system.

Want to evaluate your life and where it is headed?  Take a look at what you have given attention to in the past and what you are giving attention to now and you’ll have the answer.

Love is the harmony that is being played throughout the universe.

Instead of using the word, “hate,” try replacing it with the word, “Love” or “Prefer.” I love the beauty of each day. I prefer a joyous life as opposed to disharmony.

We should be careful about the words we use to describe ourselves. Life gives us the conception we have of ourselves and nothing more or less. Let’s make that conception or what we claim for ourselves a good one.

We are mistaken if we believe that our wrong thinking (sins), incorrect word-usage, friendship with worldly desires, attention directed to impurity as opposed to purity will bring us happiness and harmony.  There is a price to pay; “for the wages of sin are death,” Romans 6:23.  Awake my loved ones and embrace truth and love.

In our loose conversations or simple typing’s, we often use and identify ourselves with words that are unbeneficial to our growth.  Words that I shall not write even to show as an example.  But becoming conscious of our constructive word use would certainly help us along the path of attracting positive conditions in our lives.

There is no need to try and wrestle with the issues of life; cast them upon the “Christ” within and go free.  That is, if you have a concern, say to yourself; “I cast all of my burdens upon the ‘Christ,’ within and I go free.”  Oftentimes, it is our ego that wants us to assume responsibility for a life that is not ours.  Release it to the Power within, and be free.

Marriage is honorable; however, we should come to understand and embrace the truth that abstinence if not married is a source of power and beneficial to bringing balance to our lives.   When we deny the flesh/senses we gain spiritual power.

We should never allow the inglorious smokescreen of fame and fortune cloud our judgment of truth.

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.   Winston Churchill

Our goal in life is to awaken from a sleeping state to the awareness of our spiritual nature and fulfill our divine purpose.

Let us do inventory. How much inflow of inspirational and constructive versus sensational and destructive ideas do we have coming into our lives?

I would rather have a bone full of truth than a bone full of fat.

With every thought and word, we either walk the plank or create a world.

It is incumbent upon us all to be extremely diligent in our efforts to live consciously every second of the day because the forces of darkness are “as a roaring lion, and raging bear,” to keep the masses entombed in fear.

There is little room for slippage in our efforts to live consciously and remain attuned to our Higher Self.

The “appetizer” promoted by restaurants is a ploy used to re-enforce our incorrect eating habits while increasing their profits.  Our bodies are not equipped to hold excessive amounts of food.  To overfill our belly is to cause additional strain on the digestive system.  We only need one meal a day.

Let us become more introspective and ask the question, why.

Our thoughts and words are energy; to think and speak unproductively or destructively  is to waste energy.

Let us pull our attention away from corruptible things and God will make us incorruptible.

There is no reward for the public disclosure of our good deeds.  If our acts are in love and secrecy, the reward is in heaven and we shall receive it openly.

As a barrier between the developments of our personal relationship with God, the church was established; and those falsely called to perpetuate this unholy alliance shall not escape damnation.

You can have whatever you desire if you claim it as though it already exist and live there continually.

Our careless use of words; our fleeting, untrained and unproductive thoughts will have us wallowing in pigsty thinking it’s happiness if we continue to disregard the laws of the universe, and come to understand that what we send out in word or thought comes back to us.

A truth and great sign in our movement towards love is the non-existence of all, “All you can eat,” restaurants.  This shift will occur within the next twenty years.

The Jewelry Industry is one of the most over-valued industries in the world.  Since when does someone outside of ourselves tell us the value of something?  True value comes from within.

Tune-out the external and tune-in the internal and your conception of the world will change.

As we journey along this quintessential path we call life, expanding more each day, let us hold in thought the words, “love and beauty,” and life will kindly respond.

Until we begin to care about how we treat the least of us, we are missing the mark on love.

Give someone a sincere compliment and in doing so, you’ll feel good as well.

When is the last time you gave someone a hug?

Words and thoughts create your life. Use them wisely.

External beautification is a multi-billion dollar industry; however, beauty comes from within with thoughts of love, and appreciation; and it’s free.

After living a life of darkness for many years, the exposure to light must come to us gradually.

Our relationship with God is personal, not public; and there is no reward for open disclosure.


If we were truly aware of the disruption to our spiritual powers that overeating cause, we’d surely be mindful not to overeat.

We have become so intrinsically conditioned with fear that a simple act of love is looked upon strangely.

We constantly give our attention to disastrous, sensational, horror-filled, and fearful events and occurrences yet complain that our life reflects the same. If happiness and harmony is what we seek, then giving our attention to loving, good-natured events and occurrences will surely produce such results.

Everything in our lives would be properly balanced if we all entertained genuine thoughts of Love.

What a joy it is to detach oneself from the ego and embrace our Higher Self. To escape the illusion of fear is true liberation.

Want to feel better? Take a 30 day break from television and listening to the radio.

Until we begin to care about the plight of others, our life is lived in vain.

There is no need to exercise if we embrace the concept of eating one meal a day and entertain thoughts of love and goodwill for all.


Overeating keeps us attached to our ego while embracing the concept of “one meal a day,” keeps us balanced and connected to our Higher Self.


There is only one power, God and one condition which is good. This being the case, why are we still locking our cars and homes?


Let us be mindful of all our associations; who we do business with, our friends, family and so forth. We become one with the things we align ourselves, thereby attracting similar vibrations into our lives.


Ever bought a stranger lunch? It’s refreshing to do something unexpected by others. Try it, you might like it.


To experience continually what some may call miraculous is to simply be one with God.


We are often unaware of our self-inflicted wounds until it’s too late; however, we can change the outcome by guarding our thoughts, word-usage and associations.


Let’s not allow the corporate created and sponsored concept of “Black Friday” be the cause of your “Red Year.” Think abundance but live and choose wisely.


When we learn to “be still”; when we learn to put our faith and trust in God; our eyes shall begin to see and our ears shall begin to hear; and we will be unerringly guided to the fulfillment of our desires.


Happy is the one who discovers that the external world is simply a reflection of the power that lies within.


Do something for yourself instead of adhering to auto-programming. Try eating one meal a day, one day out of the week; everything is gradual concerning the refinement of mind, body, and soul.


Every act of good we do, adds to the spreading of love.


We claim a relationship with God but our actions demonstrate the opposite, for “Faith without works is dead,” and the very act of locking our cars and homes solidifies this statement of truth. To trust in God is to walk and live in love, not fear.


The truth presented to someone living in darkness is flavorless due to their inactive taste buds. The truth presented to someone thirsty, is quenching like ice cold water on a summer’s day.


It takes courage to walk the path of Truth.


Sending thoughts of love, peace and prosperity to all. May your desires blossom into beautiful forests.


Ever considered a “day of silence”? No TV, internet, radio, or cell phone, just complete and total silence. You’ll be amazed as to how good you feel afterwards. These nuggets and more are presented in my forthcoming book, “Nuggets of Truth.” Stay tuned to for more information.


If we simply concentrated on giving love in our daily affairs, instead of giving our attention to the daily news, gossip, criticizing, complaining, arguing etc., our life would change for the good.


God gives us credit for the attempt to live according to His will; so let’s not be disturbed if we slip here and there. The goal is to progress steadily toward perfection.


We are on the verge of a major shift towards love, where billions are exposed to the truth, thereby transforming lives to good, forever.


What did I do to make the world a better place? A question worth asking every night before bed.


A simple “thank you” after every transaction can work wonders in your life.


Coffee, tea, energy drinks, soda’s etc. are not necessary when you fill your heart with thoughts of love and goodwill for all.


We tend to be so quick in identifying ourselves with that which is not good; let’s reverse this process deliberately and start identifying ourselves with things that are GOOD.


We spend billions of dollars annually in beautifying the external yet to beautify ourselves inwardly is FREE! We need only to “Be still,” breathe, and claim what we desire as an already existing fact. If you follow-through with this truth, you will forever, change the course of your life.


The only work that is required for us to achieve our desires is mental. We must claim what we desire as an already existing fact and live in that conviction by claiming it every day; and in time, our mental work will prove the workings of the law.


If everyone embraced the truth of eating one meal a day, our entire societal dynamics must and will change.


Do something different today. Give someone a sincere compliment.


To awaken to the truth is to experience a life of joy, peace, harmony and love. Stay tuned for my forthcoming book, “Nuggets of Truth,” that will add tremendous value to your life.


Oftentimes, in the midst of what we call turmoil, we continue to live in that same mindset. However, to create change for the good, we must change the conception we have of ourselves and live in that new conception in the midst of the current “situation,” and in time, we shall be gradually carried to that which we hold steadily in mind.


To live in the past is to deny God; for God’s existence is in the “now.” Life is a continuation of beautiful events according to our beliefs and what we claim as true for ourselves and the moment we pause to reflect for an extended period, we stunt this progressive forward movement and thereby injure ourselves in the process.


The language we choose to use has a direct influence on whether we experience happiness or misery.


Let us always be mindful of the words we use and the thoughts we think, knowing they create for us, our external manifestations of either happiness or misery.


Something beautiful is brewing.


We must awake to this fundamental truth that to give our attention to anything impure is to become one with it and in turn attract similar conditions in our life. This being the case, let us always be mindful of what we are supporting or trying to bring awareness to. If it is not good and pure, then we should turn our attention away from it and direct it to that which is GOOD.


Let us start each day with something inspirational and throughout the day, let us hold fast to that level of thought and in time, we shall see the results of our deliberate action.


If we learn to give consistently, with love, our lives will change forever.


Are you up for going on a “30 day mental diet,” by only using words and thoughts that are loving, removing all words and thoughts that are not beneficial to your overall happiness?


If we take with seriousness the words we use and the power that comes forth from them; we can begin to shift our life from the threshold of poverty thinking to the calm seas of love and beauty.


Being mindful that the thoughts we entertain create our life; let’s all examine each and every thought that flings across our mind and immediately reject those which are not beneficial to our overall personal happiness.


Let us get in the habit of entertaining love instead of spreading that which is impure; and I shall begin by saying – I Love You.


By filling our hearts (thoughts) with love, unceasingly, in time, we will have stored up enough love for it to overflow into all of our affairs; bringing complete happiness and harmony into our lives.


The world’s objective is to keep us full and distracted vs. eating less and being still. It comes down to these two things, full (of food and intoxicants) and distracted with sensational news stories, politics, war, crime, horror, fear etc. versus eating less and being still.


We should never claim a condition or anything for ourselves that is not good. As I always say, life gives us the conception we have of ourselves and nothing more. Even if we are in a hole, we claim that we are in a palace and hold to that claim until actual manifestation reveals your claim to be a reality.


We attract to us what we relate ourselves to; the simple action of entertaining gossip, complaining, arguing, talking about tragic situations or incidents, watching horror movies, getting emotional about an injustice means that we are in turn relating ourselves to these things and thereby we attract to us conditions associated on that vibrational level.


“Love and goodwill; peace and harmony for all.”


If we gave a fraction of the time to “getting to know ourselves,” as we do cheering on or celebrating our favorite team, our life would wondrously transform for the good.


Words have power; we must be cognizant of our word choice at all times. We must be continuously on guard regarding our thoughts and word use.


We must awaken to the fundamental truth that our words and thoughts produce mirror images in our physical world.


The language we speak and the company we keep, plays an integral part in our success or failure.


People give you the conception you have of them; change the conception you have of them and they will in time fulfill that very conception.


If we are just mindful of the words we speak and the thoughts we think, our life will surely begin to shift to those beautiful thoughts we hold most predominantly in our mind.


The very act of dwelling consistently in the past delays and possibly stunts our living in the “Now.” God lives in the present; what we create for ourselves is in the “Now.” Our attention is our power; let us direct it to that which is good and that which is “Now.”