DVK5smallDhaved Kapel is a poet who writes inspirational and loving poetry that touches the soul. He has authored five books of poetry. He founded an online greeting card company by the name of “You Inspired Me”, with cards that people can order online at http://www.youinspiredme.com. For many years, his dream has been to inspire others through poetry. This has now become a reality. However, oftentimes he encountered numerous obstacles that prevented, delayed, and even curtailed his dream. Being sidetracked and sometimes discouraged he took a break and worked regular jobs until one day, his passion returned.

After years of swimming against the current of life unknowingly, and living under the auspices of the ego, Dhaved cried out to his inner self and questioned life as it currently presented itself. He knew that it wasn’t supposed to be this way. Moreover, that simple crying out and questioning of life, opened up a pathway of discovering who he truly was.

Life gradually guided and unfolded revelations that forever changed his life. With this new energy, new love of life and truth, Dhaved continued the practice of getting to know himself. He spent nearly two years in intense study and expanded his knowledge of the truth. Life continued to reveal more and more of this truth. He says, “The truth unfolds gradually and imperceptibly and it opens up to us according to the attention we give it”.

Upon awakening to this new light of what we call the “Truth”, he was chosen and inspired to become a light-bearer. He was chosen to bring to those who are entrenched in a belief of fear, the understanding that there is only one power and that power is Love. Therefore, with the knowledge attained and the resurrection that makes all things new, including a new name, Dhaved was ready to follow this chosen path and to fulfill the duties for which he is ordained.

Living and embracing love, he has graciously accepted to bring light into this world with gratitude, appreciation, and humility. He has accepted the opportunity to share what has been specialized and individualized through him for the purposes of making it the reflection of God’s nature that is universal.

Dhaved Kapel has a beautiful daughter by the name of Tobyette who he loves very much.