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Enslaving People of Color Children

NECK CHAINS ENSLAVES THUS RACE OF COLOR! CIRCLE, DOG TAGS, CHAINS OF SORTS, WORKSITE BADGES SUCH OTHERS ENSLAVES THUS RACE OF COLOR! ‘Bind people of color continually with such chains; Place such around thus necks.’ – Proverbs 6:21 (NASB) –

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‘For Dhaved had healed numerous, so those with diseases were interested in healing from Dhaved.’ – Mark 3:10 (NIV) – Dhaved Kapel, the Messiah. ‘For there are many rebellious people, full of meaningless talk and deception, especially those of the

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Snippet of Truth

Here is a snippet of a blog comment a lady wrote about me after meeting me in Vegas at the Author 101 event of around October 2013.   From: Dr. Vie Sent: Tuesday, October 29, 2013 2:40 PM To: dhaved

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Enslavement Words

‘He hath made me also a byword for the people of color; and aforetime I was a Messiah.’ – Job 17:6 (Gideons) – Dhaved Kapel. ‘Why doth thine (words) carry people of color away? And what do thy (words) that

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Such Thus Colored Lights?

‘In fact, People of Color even put up with Caucasian Persuasion who enslaves them and exploits them and take advantage of them and put on airs and slaps People of Color in the face.’ – 2 Corinthians 11:20 (NIV) –

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Barack Obama – Dhaved Kapel Rail Assassination Attempt

‘So Barack Obama commanded officials, ‘Do as Queen Elizabeth says. Strike Dhaved down and bury him, and so clear Michelle and myself and whole family of the guilt of the innocent blood that we have shed.’ – 1 Kings 2:31

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