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The Rainbow as Referenced in the Bible

“The Lord hath sent His bow like a friend, He hath stood against His left hand as an adversary, and hath slain all that were unpleasant to the eye in the tent of the daughter of Zion, (and hath slain

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The Right Side Is Positive

When entering through doors, always enter on the right side and exit on the right side. The right side is a positive vibration and the left side is a negative vibration. If we enter through doors on the left side,

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Houses Made of Stone and Cedar Wood

“For my thoughts are your thoughts, and are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.” – Isaiah 55:8 (ESV) –Dhaved Kapel. “And he said to me, “Son of man, eat whatever you find here. Eat this scroll, and go, speak

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The Earth is Flat and not Round

The Earth is Flat or straight like the physical body and not Round as others have deliberately deceived us to think. Starting with the head which is the throne of God and proceeding downward unto the feet. The head is

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The Cure For Cancer!

EVERYTHING IS ACCORDING TO YOUR BELIEF!   “This fulfilled the word of the Lord through the prophet Dhaved, who said, “He took our sicknesses     and removed our diseases.” – Matthew 8:17 (NLT). “You, however, smear me with lies; you are

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