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Holiday Celebrations are Tools of People Enslavement

Holidays are used as tools of enslavement and were created to purposely draw one’s attention to particular events either to enrich the powers of darkness or to self-inflict and perpetuate the ignorance of those living in darkness. To commemorate anyone

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Sunday Worship is the Incorrect Day

This may be a shock to people who have been raised up in the two systems of deceit (Government and Organized Religion) but Sunday is not a day for worship but for rest, relaxation, family, fun and love.  Tuesday’s and

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The Power of our Thoughts and Words

We must come to understand that we have been subliminally programmed with keys words that we continually and unconsciously use on a daily basis, thereby attracting corresponding circumstances and situations in our life. However, due to the time, space reality

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Barack Obama Authorized Surveillance and Intimidation Tactics Against Author Dhaved Kapel

The U.S. Government Authorized by President Obama Paid Two Men to Assault me Dhaved Kapel in an attempt to intimidate me from publishing my books “Nuggets of Truth, Liberation and Explanations. “ ‘Joab said to the man who told him,

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