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Love and Family

We must restore the “Family,” for the family is the center of Love.  The family over the years has been severely targeted and fragmented by an ungodly system causing financial hardships and other burdens upon individuals that in turn affected

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Live in the Now

We tend to be easily drawn into aligning ourselves with fads such as “throwback Thursday,” and other unbeneficial distractions that has no real value other than causing us to lose sight of living in the “now.”  The consistency of participating

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You cannot awake someone who is asleep with the same old lullaby.  This is what billions are being exposed to every week and it is time for a change.  Our ways of living will be emboldened and cemented in the

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The Answer is “Perfect Health”

We have become too easily programmed and influenced to accept things in our lives without questioning its validity or truth. Yet upon accepting, we open the door and invite the very condition or situation that we desire to be free

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Self-Imposed Bondage

Oftentimes, we are simply not aware of our actions and the repercussions that come along with such ignorance.  Allow me to restate this truth that “attention is power” and what we give attention grows in our life.  The millions of

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Focus on Life

When we transition upon the time God has chosen, let us focus not on death but on the life left behind; the ongoing works of good for humanity. To give attention to death is to attract more of the same

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Simple Acts of Love

We have allowed the media to instill fear into us so; that we look upon helping others as a sin. Our blessings come from a genuine desire to extend love to one another, not from withholding it. Moreover, the only

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From Competition to Love

The emotional investment we attach to our favorite sports team comes with a price; for we become one with and invite into our lives the energy of such union.  The continued attachment to this roller coaster of emotions, over time,

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