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The Message Behind “Black Friday”

Let us notice how the corporate sponsored “Black Friday,” is termed “Black Friday” and not “Red Friday.” In accounting and corporate language, “Black,” represents positive and “Red,” represents negative. As I have mentioned before, what we give our attention, grows

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Holiday Consumption

This holiday season, let’s be mindful not to overeat, for to do so, is to defile the “Temple of God.”  We have been misled to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, and some more often but this is a falsehood and

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A Balanced Life is the Key

Analyze your life at present.  Are you happy?  Now do the math and break down the time you give your attention to distractions; to things of an impure nature such as watching television, news, horror and violent movies, gossiping, criticizing,

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Embrace “Love” to reject Fear

We are slowly injecting ourselves with life-depleting doses of the illusionary drug of fear every time we turn our attention to watch the news, horror, crime, or violence; to gossip, criticize, argue, blame or anything of an impure nature. Our

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False Conditioning

Our conditioning in fear is deeply rooted and can only be removed by the grace of God through the gradual process of being reborn. We have been conditioned to the point where it has become habitual and automatic without us

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The “How” to achieve Balance

Many people have been spoken to and told about the “results” of having a relationship with God but are still left empty-handed when it comes to the “how” to attain these results. Well suffer no more, my forthcoming book, “Nuggets

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Proper Word-usage

The improper use of words; our incorrect use of language is a great hindrance to us and the cause for many of the problems we face today. The world was not created with the use of abbreviated words such as

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Power of Attention

I must restate this truth due to the overwhelming number of people who are being led straight off the cliff by way of their own ignorance of the “Law of Attention.” The deliberately misguided efforts of “Breast Cancer Awareness” month

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We have become too easily programmed and influenced to accept things in our lives without questioning its validity or truth. Yet upon accepting, we open the door and invite the very condition or situation that we desire to be free

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